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Our experience and equipment allows us to perform different procedures in the office.

Nebulizer treatment - We use a nebulizer for treatment of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. It is administered immediately in the office. This treatment can save you a trip to the emergency room. After initial treatment is administered in the office, we prescribe this same treatment to be continued at home. We will help you obtain a nebulizer machine through your insurance.

Cryosurgery - freezing of the viral warts. It is used to remove skin lesions, which mostly grow on hands and soles of the feet. A wart, which is a viral infection of the skin, is removed by freezing with an alternative to liquid nitrogen. The same procedure is used by dermatologist.

Foreign body removal (nose, ear, eye, finger, hand). In most of the cases, it saves you a trip to the Emergency Room.

Suture removal, wound dressing, splinting.

Urine catherization – allows us to take sterile urine from an infant or toddler to rule out a urinary tract infection.

Blood drawing, also known as venipuncture, is performed in the office, especially on sick looking children or small children.

Eye irrigation and fluorescein test for foreign body.

Cerumen removal and ear irrigation

Cauterization of umbilical granuloma – chemical treatment of the granulation tissue inside the newborn’s umbilicus.

Burn treatment

Therapeutic injections Rocephin and Bicillin. We are also able to order other medication as needed.